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The Exodus journey

The journey will take place over land, in the air and across the Mediterranean, in a further phases of the project. 

By land: one or more buses will be heading for the South of France (through Paris and many other major cities). A promotion caravan over land will promote Israeli products. Thousands of blue and white balloons, the colors of the Israeli flag, will be released.

In the air: the main attraction will be our own Exodus air-balloon with the well-known Hot Air Balloon professional balloonist Mr Wim Verstraeten tracing the ship route along the coast. The air balloon could carry your message/brand name over a vast area and will also be broadcast by TV channels and newspaper coverage to millions of people.

At sea: the ship will track part of the tragic Exodus journey that took place in 1947. And will be produced - A NEW film about Israel:

OLD "History" - NEW "Vision"

  • The history of Israel from the Holocaust to the present. The moving stories told by survivors after the liberation of the camps.

  • The importance of Israel to Jews and to gentiles alike.

A documentary based on the Exodus journey as well as on unique interviews will be published:

  • Worldwide in several languages on video and DVD for educational purposes and for the general public.
  • Will be shown on various television networks as well as in international film festivals.

Many of the interviews will be recorded in the ship. In fact, the whole project will be guided from there, including the editing of the film. The ship will be equipped with a satellite-connection, video-apparatus, a film-assembling studio, Web cam TV and a LED Display Screen suitable for outdoor presentations in harbours.

The film project will take at least two years. After the documentary is completed, the journey back to Europe and the promotion campaign will commence. We will visit many European cities on our way back.

As soon we found a sponsor for this Hot-Air balloon,
you can support Israel from out of sky...
For each Balloon ride there will be six places available. Due to popular demand, there will be at least more than hundred flights. You are welcome to bring cameras and plenty of film. Once on board, your pilot will give you a pre-flight briefing for the voyage of your lifetime!

The HOT-air balloon constitutes an excellent promotional medium and will make BIG IMPACT for the participating companies.

Advertising spots on the hot air-balloon are still available for sponsor. A balloon advertising campaign is easily managed and our staff will help you with design, budget, locations etc.

Throughout this project we offer our corporate sponsors an opportunity to promote their brand identity. A comprehensive list with several sponsoring options is available on demand.

For more information about Sponsering Oppertunities!

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