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Start of the first phase in the Exodus film project.

In view of the increasing dramatically anti-Jewish attitude in Europe we want to start as soon as possible with a mobile studio and recording car with satellite.

We can bring this into action all over Europe and will film incidents against Jewish communities and properties. By these reports, we want to make it clear to a broad public and show them about what is going on in Europe. The reports will be available for TV-stations, Internet TV by streaming and videotape or DVD.

The mobile studio and recording car will travel towards Israel to make three documentaries about the real situation in Israel.

Afterwards these documentaries will be promoted in many places in Europe by introducing the films on a wide screen projection. This will be done in dialogue with local initiatives.

By traveling there and back between Europe and Israel, we can give clear and just information about Israel.

In a following phase the Exodus ship with the multimedia equipment will join and run as a promotion ship for Israel by harbors and present open-air presentations and animations, as an ambassador for Israel, scroll down for more information.

As soon as we get a green light by our sponsors well startevery day is important now, there is no more time to waste. Correct information is of vital interest especially for the survival of the Jewish people. The power of the media must be well known by now

If we cant see our news, well make it ... 

Outlines of the Exodus Film project

The Exodus film project aims to expose the scope of anti-Israeli and anti Jewish bias in Europe. Doing so is the first step towards rectifying this totally unacceptable situation.

The first three films will be:

The Unholy Jihad: The film will portray the rise of modern anti-Semitism in Europe. After the Holocaust it was considered unthinkable that Europe would ever permit the anti-Semitic monster to rear its ugly head on its blood stained soil. Inexplicably, Jews are increasingly more threatened in Europe and Israel is regarded as a pariah state in this continent. We will explore the effects of this born again anti-Semitism on the Jewish communities in Europe as well as on Israel.

From Congo to Shatilla: The distinction of being the worst colonial rule in Africa no doubt belongs to successive Belgian governments. Indeed, Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness is a chilling portrayal of Congo under King Leopold during the turn of the century. To add insult to injury the Belgian courts have recently permitted for massacre charges to be pressed in Belgium against the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Ariel Sharon. The documentary investigates the dark aspects of Belgian morality.

The Philistines: In March 2002 a Palestinian suicide bomber murdered 28 innocent Jewish victims, many of them elderly tourists, during the Passover dinner in Park Hotel, Netanya. 170 People were injured from the blast, many of them severely. The perpetrators of that bloodthirsty attack came from the terrorist cum refugee camp of Jenin.

The Israeli government did what any other democratically elected government would have done, sent the army to punish the terrorists. Inexplicably, in the collective memory of the impartial West, represented by corrupt U.N. envoys such as Terje Roed-Larsen, the Palestinian terrorists were the innocent victims while the actual Jewish victims dont even count. The documentary will shed light on that travesty of justice, interviewing, among others, Israeli soldiers who lost their best friends in the Jenin operation.

The documentaries will be made in several languages,


Broadcast Worldwide.

Sponsorship Package

Sponsors will have their names and/or the names of their companies appear in the documentaries as well as in prominent place in our websites. In addition, they will be invited to preliminary private screening of the documentaries and will be given several copies of the films. Please contact for more information.

Our track record

We have been producing first-rate documentaries for over twenty years. Television stations, government departments and private organizations both in our country and abroad commissioned the documentaries. A list of references is available on simple demand.

The films were made under supervision of the foundation Center for Info and Action vzw. (vzw means Belgian foundation)

The purpose of this Center is to produce and distribute pro Israeli documentaries and reports. The revenues from the documentaries will cover the production costs and the rest will be donated to charitable projects in Israel.

We work in association with:

  • Hasbara.Us in Israel World-wide organization Pro Israel.
  • "Oregon Oaks in USA Patti Moss fundraising
  • Filmservice Israel 

*Letters of supports:

  • Ambassador Israel, Brussels
  • Prime Ministers Office, Jerusalem
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Jerusalem
  • Chamber of Commerce EU-Israel, Amsterdam

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